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Frying Pan
Earn the frying pan by doing the following:- complete every offline quest on any difficulty level. This will allow you to play any quest as many times as you want. Go to the Quest called "Secret Delivery". Locate the fat man walking around and talk to him. Talk to him and he will tell you about a secret club called WEAPONS. After talking to him and receiving the emblem you must complete the quest or all efforts will be lost. You must now locate four other WEAPONS members. They can be found in these quests: Claiming Stakes, The Value of Money, The Lost Bride and Gran Squall. You must complete each quest after receiving your approval from the WEAPONS members or you will not save your approvals. After receiving all four approvals you must return to the Fat man in Secret Delivery. He will direct you to go see the Boss of WEAPONS to receive your membership. Walk towards the shops and there will be a woman in the corner. This will be the Fat man's wife. She will give you the Frying Pan as a token of your membership. Have fun!

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