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Cheat codes

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INVULN - Invincibility
000000 - Permanent invisibility
1ANGEL - Permanent Anti-Death
PEEKIN - Permanent X-Ray vision
PURPLE - Permanent Full Turbo
MENAGE - Permanent Triple Shot
REFLEX - Permanent Reflex Shot
ALLFUL - Always have 9 potions and keys
XSPEED - Fast running
QCKSUT - Fast throwing
10000K - 10,000 gold
ICE600 or NUD069 - Alternate Dwarf costumes
STX222, KJH105 or PNK666 - Alternate Jester costumes
BAT900, TAK118, STG333, KAO292, ARV984, DIB626, RIZ721, SJB964, DARTHC - Alternate Knight costumes
TWN300, AYA555, CEL721 - Alternate Valkyrie costumes
CAS400, MTN200 or RAT333 - Alternate Warrior costumes
GARM99, GARM00, DES700 or SKY100 - Alternate wizard costumes

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