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Where to Find Each Character

In Jungle Japes, with Donkey Kong, go to the mountain and shoot the three switches. Diddy's cage will open.

In Angry Aztec, with DK, first free the Llama from its cage by completeing DK's Barrel Blast. In the temple you'll see the Llama again. Play Donkey Kong's drums to turn the lava into water. Swim across to reach Lanky.

In Angry Aztec, with Diddy, go into the temple and jump from one platform to another. Shoot the target across the room, then go to the bridge and play Diddy's Guitar to melt the ice pond. Swim to Tiny's chamber and use Chimpy Charge to activate the letters and spell out KONG.

In Funky's Factory, with Lanky, look for a pipe coming out of the wall and into the ground. On top of it will be a switch. Stomp it and Chunky's cage will appear.

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