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Cheat codes

127 lives and all remotes
At the enter code screen enter the following code:
Note: the "-" stands for the solid arrow symbol and your lives will read 27 because the lives can only go up to 99 but you will have 127!

99 Lives and All Remotes
To start with 99 lives and all of the remotes, enter the password:

Asteroids Shortcut
Go to the Rocket channel (pain in the asteroids).
Hit the switch and walk across to the next Asteroid
Play the game until you get to the moving platforms.
Just to the left of it jump off and you will land on another Asteroid.

Beat Mecha Rez
Whenever Mecha Rez jumps on a building, use the tail whip to destroy the building. Mecha Rez will fall and lose one energy bar.

Extra Life in Tooned Out
In Tooned Out, go to the rabbit hole and jump in it. You will appear as a rabbit in a different level. Go past the first hunter. Go up the log and to the right side you should see a ledge. Jump up onto it and go past the two traps. There you will find an extra life.

Get Into the Lion's Mouth without Twenty-Six Remotes
After you beat Mecharez, a gate in the overworld opens. Go through the gate, and you will see there are two ways you can go. You are not supposed to go to the way on the left because it says you need twenty siz remotes to go to it. Jump on the platform to the left anyway. You will be sent to a place where a lion's head is. His mouth isn't very far opened yet, (it opens more when you get twenty six remotes) but you can still get in. Simply jump and then press A again in the air. This will let you do a slightly higher jump, allowing you to get into the lion's mouth.

Hidden Remote
When in the second toon level go to the castle. Don't go inside it but go to the side and you should see a small ledge. Carefully guide Gex across it. You should find the hidden remote about half way behind the castle.

Hidden Room in Scream TV
Once you begin the second scream TV level go down the ramp you begin on and go through the door. After you do this you will be in another room. Go through the door that has a a little green around it. When you are in the next room go to your right where the pumpkin is. After you destroy it walk forward and you will walk through the wall.

Mess with Gex's costumes
In any level that has Gex change appearence (i.e. Out of Tune) hit a check point. Then go to any area in the level where Gex changes appearence. Lose one life. When Gex appears at the check point he will be wearing the wrong clothes for the area (i.e. The Rabbit Costume in The Desert Area).

The "-" in the passwords below refers to the the solid arrow symbol.
Third Gate: FFY(right arrow)SJB5D5HCVJL8DV
Fourth Gate: GFT(right arrow)M9BH56FBLMF2B

Titanic Level - Geques Cousteau
When you first start the game go to the place in front of the first gate where you can climb on. At the top of the arch there should be a place where you can climb on top of the arch. Jump on to the platform and it should take you to the titanic level Geques Cousteau.

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