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Cheat codes

Passwords (Easy)
To enter a code, you must first access the password screen. To do this choose Load Game at the main menu then press B. After this activating a cheat requires entering its corresponding password.
Level                           Password
0: Twists*                      FBBC   VBBB   FBBC   VBF7
1: Central Complex              ----   ----   ----   ----
2: Intelligence Center          6JBN   SHFB   07BR   X3J1
3: Communications Center        1KLG   VL2H   LNBF   F4LQ
4: Orbital Defense              2KQD   2MSD   Z9VM   4XYL
5: Docking Station              VK7N   Z?LY   ?4V5   LJ4W
6: Strogg Frieghter             VK3J   HSW5   9GZN   LQW9
7: Cargo Bay                    TK3T   RN5N   Q06W   JV05
8: Zaxite Mines                 S?WM   H1G9   B46C   WBOD
9: Storage Facility             R8WB   8X7J   VGQ0   SJWR
10: Organic Storage             Q?WB   BLW8   RP6Y   XLSN
11: Processing Center           P6P5   KYWX   HB8R   DJZH
12: Geothermal Station          N520   KJFW   Y681   VLMD
13: Detention Center            M525   TZ35   HXW0   BXZ8
14: Research Lab                L56X   41DX   ZKR8   VJV8
15: Bio-Waste Treatment         K58V   01HJ   V5K9   C3VK
16: Access Conduits             J584   W6NR   D05B   VDQ?
17: Descent to Core             H522   98MJ   SM1C   B82C
18: Command Core                G52W   300Z   561C   W4HK
19: Final                       F569   G2D6   HT6X   SG5Y
End                             F60?   VQCH   ?BHF   DQQL
* Deathmatch

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