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Alternate Stage Exits
Since the other paths in Star Fox 64 can only be accessed if you perform tasks in certain levels, unlike the original Star Fox, here are the alternate stage exits for each of the stages in Star Fox 64 that have alternate exits.

Corneria to Sector Y
Eliminate the three enemies tailing Falco about midway through the stage, and then fly through the seven stone arches afterward. When Falco says "Follow me, Fox!" -- do it.

Meteo to Katina (WARP)
Fly through all seven of the blue Warp Rings found shortly after the Checkpoint.

Sector Y to Aquas
Collect at least 100 hits.

Fortuna to Solar
Defeat the Star Wolf team before time runs out.

Sector X to Sector Z (WARP)
Blow open and fly through each of the large metallic doors down the left side of the second half of the stage.

Sector X to Macbeth
Defeat the boss before Slippy tries to fly in and help. Otherwise, you'll have to go to Titania to retrieve Slippy.

Zoness to Sector Z
Destroy each and every Search Light in the stage.

Macbeth to Area 6
Shoot all eight flags toward the end of the stage, and then shoot the lever on the huge lighted switchboard to send the boss careening down the wrong track and into oblivion (and then you'll exit to Area 6).

Sector Z to Area 6
Destroy all six missiles before any of them reach Great Fox.

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