Quake 3: Arena PC cheats

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Cheat codes

Demo Version
Start a server with cheats enabled using the devmap command in the console eg "devmap q3test1". Once in the game, go back in the console and type any of the following:

/give all - Get all weapons and the grappling hook! Some of the models aren't created yet though.
/give health
/give armor
/give quad damage
/give personal teleporter

Full Version: Console Commands
To access the console commands all you have to do is press the tilde key (~) and type in /devmap XXXX where the xs you type are the name of your map. For example /devmap q3dm16 will bring up the bouncy map. Then when you are playing type the following commands to get where you want to and frag who you feel like fragging.

/give all - This will give you all guns
/god - Don't die
/give quad damage - Gives you quad damage
/give flight - Gives you flight ability
/give invisibility - Makes you invisible
/give speed - Makes you run faster
/give regeneration - Makes you practically a god
/give battle suit - Makes you invincible against lava, drowning, acid and such hazards
/give mega health - Gives you one hundred health over the limit
/noclip - Makes you fly and go through walls, but you can't shoot and bots can't see you
/cg_thirdperson 1 - Third person view

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