Rollercoaster Tycoon PC cheats

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Names & tips

These names will produce the following effects:-

Mellanie Warn - Super happy guest
John Mace - Pays twice the train fare
Katie Brayshaw - Waves at guests
John Wardley - Will say "Wow" when riding a coaster
Damon Hill - Rides go-carts twice as fast
Michael Schumacher - Races twice as fast as Damon Hill
Chris Sawyer - Photogragher
Simon Foster - Painter

To get everything all levels, all rides, and unlimited money
Hold down shift at the main menu and type "rct2" and then press Enter. This code does not work with all versions of the game.

Tycoon Tips
Building costs
Construction is cheaper on a level surface than an uneven one.

Park layout
Keep the park layout simple. Too many paths for instance confuse guests and get them lost or angry.

Observation towers
The busiest observation decks have ample view of the park (preferably 360 degrees).

The cheapest monorail has the fewest stops.

Roller coasters
Freaky roller coasters frighten guests.

Stage shows
Imitate Vaudeville. Use a variety of good acts to keep the audience engaged.

Shops and Stalls
Park owners can charge the highest prices when their shops are near the rear of the park (after walking that far, tired and hungry guests are more than willing to pay high prices). However, when they are too closely packed, shop owners may end up competing for customers, causing the overall price level to fall.

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