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Cheat codes

Various Cheats
Go to the Options/cheats screen and press the following:

Regular ball - R1, Square, Square, L1
RWB Ball - Circle, R2, Square, R2
Black Ball - R2, R2, Circle, L2
Get Tuxedo Outfit - L2, L2, Circle, Square
Get Cowboy Outfit - Circle, R2, R2, R1
Get Pimp Outfit - R1, Square, Circle, L2
Get Kung Fu Outfit - Circle, Circle, Square, L1
Get Clown Outfit - Square, L1, Square, Circle
Shot release text - L1, L1, R1, R1, Circle, Circle, Square, Square
Perfect Shots - Circle, Circle, Circle, Square, Square, Square, R1, R2
Court Select Ball - Circle, Square, Circle, L1, Circle, Square, Square
Get Elvis Outfit - Circle, L2, R2, L2, L2, R2, L1, L2
Get Santa Outfit - R2, L2, R2, L2
Get Brick City Outfit - R1, L2, R1, L1, Circle, Square, R1, L1
Power Game - R2, Circle, L2, Circle
Easy Steals - R1, Square, Square, Square, R1, L2, Circle, R2
Easy Blocks - R1, Circle, L2, R2

Various Tricks
Fake Right - Press Up, Down, Right.
Fake Left - Press Up, Down, Left.
Whooow - Press R2, Left, Right, Circle.
Shamgod - Press L1, L2, Up Square.
Around The World - Press R2, L1, Down, X.
Maja Look - Hold R1 + R2 and press Square.
Look Up - Press L2, R2, Down, Up, Circle.
Slip N Slide - Press R1, L1, Square.

Get Xzibit
Finish the Lord of the Court challenge using any difficulty.

Unlock Lil' Romeo & Master P
Go to the game's Foot Action store and buy several $1000 in gear. Once you have spent enough they will be waiting outside the store.

Also reported as: Purchase an outfit for a 5 man team (pants, shirt, hat, shoes, & glasses) from P. Miller clothing line and once you exit Foot Action you will have Master P. and Lil' Romeo.

Bookie cheat
When you bet money with your bookie and you lose just turn off your system. Go back and you'll have all your money that you lost!

Unlock Silk the Shocker
Play Lord of the Court on novice. Win and he will be unlocked.

Easy Money
In World Tournaments Mode bet all your money on dunks, and then during the game only dunk the ball. This will double the money you bet even if you lose the game.

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