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Cheat code

Speed up Computer Players
To make a CPU player's turn go faster, hold L1 and TRIANGLE to fast forward through it.

Taunt Your Friends
While playing a game against one or more human opponents, press SQUARE, CIRCLE, TRIANGLE or X to taunt the golfer while he is at the tee box. You will hear golf-related sounds (a ball dropping in the cup, crowd noises, etc.) each time you press a button. Hold down R1 or R2, then press the SQUARE, CIRCLE, TRIANGLE or X for even more annoying sounds. Bear in mind, though, that you are a knavish cad if you do this.

Unlock Red Shirt Tiger
Beat all 21 games in the Play Now feature to unlock Tiger's shirt. When you play with the red shirt Tiger, his in-game stats will match his actual real-world stats, giving him a major advantage.

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