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Various hints

Get Special Journal
Go to the slot machine in the palace each time through the Battle Game (with the same character). Usually, on the third try, a special journal will be there. It belongs to someone named D.I.J. Who could that be?

Unlock Linear Launcher for Battle Game
Get an A ranking with the two Claires, Steve, Chris and Wesker in the Battle Game to unlock the Linear Launcher. Once you gain it, it will automatically appear in your inventory when you begin the Battle Game again.

Unlock Rocket Launcher
Complete the main game of Code Veronica X with an "A" Ranking to earn the Rocket Launcher. To do this, you must not use First Aid Spray, not save your game, not retry, save Steve from the Luger room quickly, give the Medicine to your jailer Rodrigo and finish in under four hours, thirty minutes. Then, when you begin another game, the Launcher will be available from the first Item Box you run across.

Unlock Steve for Battle Game
Unlock Steve in Battle Game by solving a puzzle in the main game. In the underground Save Room in Chris' walkthrough, complete the drawer puzzle in the corner. Grab the Gold Luger to unlock Mr. Burnside.

Unlock Wesker for Battle Game
Unlock Albert Wesker for use in the Battle Game by beating the Battle game with Chris Redfield.

Unlock the Battle Game
Beat Code Veronica X once to unlock the Battle Game. Chris and Claire Redfield will be available as playable characters.

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