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Cheat code

For all cheats enter the message mode, then type: !when all else fails... to enable cheat mode. Then, enter one of the following codes to activate a cheat.

Effect                Code
Vulcan gun             !a better tomorrow
Mines                  !acme dics
Armageddon             !armageddon
Sniper rifle           !beautiful nikita
End of Phoenix, etc.   !cliche ending
Healing                !doctor doctor
M-80                   !forth of july

Multiplayer Invincibility
Get in a jeep. This may work with other vehicles, but I've only ever used the jeep. Drive to an enemy's base (they must have a vehicle repair). Park on the vehicle repair, so that the vehicle is half way on the repair, and halfway off (must be hanging off the North-East part of the repair). Let the enemy destroy the repair. The metal beam/ crane thingy will fall on you, trapping you. But, the game thinks that you are getting repaired, so you are trapped, but invincible to enemy attacks. Friendly sarges can still kill you.

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