Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2x Xbox cheats

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Cheat code

Unlock Everything the Easy Way
To unlock everything and complete the game 100% for each and every skater, pause the game, hold Left Trigger and enter this code: START, A, WHITE, UP, RIGHT, DOWN, A, Y, B, A, B, Y. If you enter the code correctly, the screen will shake. When you end your run, you'll discovered that everything has been unlocked: Spider-Man and Officer Dick, all skater movies and all levels, including the 2X and original levels.

Unlock NY Subway Level
To unlock the NY Subway Level, get every single Tape in the THPS1 Career levels.

Unlock Officer Dick
To unlock Officer Dick, beat the THPS2 Career Mode with 100% on all levels with any skater (besides the created skater).

Unlock Skyline Level
When you 100% the THPS2X Career Goals, you will unlock the high flying Skyline level in Detroit, MI. Get up there and reap your lofty rewards!

Unlock Spider-Man
To unlock Spider-Man, beat the THPS2 Career Mode with 100% on all levels with a created skater.

Unlock THPS1 Career
To unlock the original Tony Hawk Career mode, get a Gold Medal in the Tampa Bay competition in the THPS2X Career mode.

Unlock THPS2X Career
To unlock the Tony Hawk 2X levels, get Gold Medals in all three competitions in the THPS2 Career mode.

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