The video game industry moves 150,000 million dollars a year, more than the film and music industry combined!

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The video game industry moves 150,000 million dollars a year, more than the film and music industry combined!

The visualization of a video game has evolved since the eighties. From the basic flat images that simulated a particular environment, they have moved to more realistic representations, making it difficult to distinguish them from real photographs of certain scenes. Now there are more visually complex games that use three-dimensional technology. They are a series of polygons that help to generate volume in objects or give them different qualities with the simulation of materials.

Added to this is virtual reality in which a character moves in an imaginary world through an avatar that represents the player within the game casino apps. With the use of viewers, one interacts in these spaces with other people connected from different parts of the planet.

Instead of having a control and being in front of the screen, we move in that world. The scopes are going to react according to the actual movements we make, this is one of the technologies on the rise.

The fact of having limited mobility due to the coronavirus has generated, that certain video games developed two years ago, such as Among Us, because today they are more in demand. Being locked up has looked at them as a different form of socialization. On the other hand, esport games are gaining popularity; new athletes have sprung up, as well as various esport betting tips.

The YouTubers, who as players become famous by publishing videos in which they explain their plays, also today have their role and make them fashionable. In fact, the video game industry moves about $150,000 million a year, more than cinema and music combined. The most popular for having more global audience are Fortnite, League of Legends, Dota 2, Call of Duty and Counter Strike.

An idea of the money they move is observed in world tournaments in which brands compete with each other as sponsors and finance the prizes that gamer win in competitions. For the 2019 Fortnite world cup it was $30 million; that of Dota 2, another $34 million, indicates the German television documentary DW Getting Rich Playing: The Profitable Business of Electronic Sports that is on YouTube. The pandemic gave its push. Digital sales of video games rose 30% this year and that of consoles 63% worldwide. Most of the most popular games were created in China, South Korea, the United States, Europe and Canada.

Although there is a process of change since the development of video games has been democratized. Many platforms have free models in which they can be developed. From the point of view of software and access to technology we are at the best moment. While there are video games like Fortnite that require hundreds of people, there are others created with up to three people like Hollow Knight. Independent and remote developers are the ones capitalizing on the rise of video games. They are designers, scriptwriters who create the plots and the programmers who provide their services to foreign transnationals.

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