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If you would like to enquire about advertising on Level 80 you can now create your own text ad. For all other types of advertising enquiry please e-mail. For the month of November 2020 67,589 pages were viewed and there were 17,783 visits.

Advertising can be arranged across the whole site, just individual pages - or specific sections for example only the Playstation 2 pages or only the PC pages. You can arrange advertising on a monthly, three monthly, six monthly or annual basis. You can choose from banners, skyscrapers or text links. Payment for advertising can be made by PayPal in a currency of your choice or direct bank deposit/wire transfer. You can also choose from a variety of different sizes.

If you would like to affiliate your site with Level 80 please e-mail with the address of your website.

Link exchange
For the HTML code for exchanging links please look at the links page.

Problems with a cheat
Please e-mail if you are having problems with a particular cheat and remember to include either the address of the page or the game & platform in your e-mail.

Cheat request
You can also request a cheat that isn't on the site by e-mail - but please remember to include the game & platform you are playing it on.

Cheat submitting
If you want to submit a cheat, then please e-mail it. Please include the name and platform of the game in your e-mail.

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