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Advertise on the level80.co.uk website (Great Britain Pounds Sterling (GBP))

    For the month of April 2024, 105,016 pages were viewed and there were 15,758 visits to this website. Please fill out the fields in the form below if you want to order a text advertisement on the Level 80 website in Great Britain pounds sterling (GBP). If you have any problems, questions or need assistance please email john@level80.co.uk.

    If you want to advertise using an image file instead of a text ad, please don't use the form below and e-mail john@level80.co.uk instead. Please keep the size of any graphics below 10 kilobytes so that they do not adversely impact page loading time and include in your email which page on the Level 80 website you want it displayed on (as well as the location you would like on that page), the website you want the image linked to and what time period you want to advertise over (eg a month, 3 months, 6 months or year). Please note that PayPal may set cookies as part of the ordering process if you click on Add to Cart.

Cost:£27.68 (Great Britain Pounds (GBP)) for one month (~US$35.05/one month or ~EUR€32.26/one month)
URL/Address (this is the page on Level 80 you want the link to be from) (maximum 200 characters):

Example (this page): https://www.level80.co.uk/advertising3.htm

Text of advertisement (maximum 200 characters):
Example: For the latest online casino bonuses and spins from the best new casinos visit our casino website.

Word/words to link (maximum 64 characters):
Example: visit our casino website

Address to link to (this is your website you want linked to from a page on Level 80) (maximum 200 characters):
Example: https://mywebsiteaddress.com/

When you have finished filling in the text fields above, please click on Add to Cart to proceed to the checkout!

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