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A2B Outdoor

Due to an objection by a representative from A2B Outdoor about this page there may be changes made to it in the near future.

For the sake of accuracy - their objection to what is written here is posted here in full with my name and theirs removed:-
**** i have recently seen your site and what you have written about us. Im
not sure if your aware but you commited an offence called LIBEL it is
basicly slander written down. We cesed using your service because to be
blunt the service you offered was not good enough to move our company

We currently have a large customer base which are all happy hence the
website needing building. I dont want you to try to spoil this.

Today i have been to seek legal advice from **** ****** who helped us set up
in business and is a good friend of ours, He has just been in touch stating
that i should give you until monday to remove the comments on your site,
then from that point you will recieve a letter stating these same facts, you
could end up having you whole site removed by yahoo as they would be
breaking the law allowing you to come up in their search engine or you could
even end up in court . Check all the facts if you like and also check the
referacne in the dictionary for the word LIBEL.

Im sure you dont want to go down that road as it will only waste mine and
you time so please have the comments removed with an email before monday
morning 9.00am or the wheels will be put in motion and this is not an empty

Dont get me wrong **** im deadly serious i have worked hard to start and run
this company and will not let you ruin it at any cost. I am willing to pay
any amount of money if i have to even though Paul told me you will be liable
for all costs and anything i pay will be forwarded to you by the legal team.

Call me if you want to talk i have been trying to call you all day and you
dont answer you phones.

**** ******
A2B Outdoor
***** *** ***
Text modified 02/02/2007 23:24 A2B is run by a bunch of amateurs (one of whom is a self described amateur at website design) who got lucky. Sooner or later bad karma has meant they've ended up with a problem. Whether you do business with them or not as an agency is your concern. The two people running have little management experience and are learning manners. I was once involved with helping them on their website but instead of paying me they refused to pay an invoice and posted it back to me through my letterbox. They may seem nice at first, you can be sucked in by their charm and persuasive skills but it may get to the stage where they threaten to put a brick through your window. P.S. They formerly used to be called Cabvertise before a trademark dispute with another business led to a forced change of name.

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