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Clash of Clans Town Hall 11 attack (3 star win) using miners and healing spells

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Clash of Clans is a game available on mobile phone platforms. One of the more frustrating problems with attacking other bases in Clash of Clans are walls. Your attacking forces can easily be taken out by base defences whilst trying to demolish a wall and even when your attackers have taken out the wall often there are more walls to further slow down your attacking forces. This is even more frustrating when the base you are attacking has an Eagle Artillery that can often do great damage to a group of your attacking troops stuck in one place trying to demolish a wall.

Miners can burrow through the ground under walls and when they're underground miners are invincible to being attacked. The problem though is that when the miners reach their target not only are they a weak unit with very few hitpoints, but they take up a lot of space which means you can't send many of them in one attack.

So, how to get around this problem?

As detailed in the attack in the video above, combine an attack of miners with healing spells and start the healing spell when the miners reach their destination. This way miners can carry on attacking a base (without being taken out), hopefully quick enough to end in a 3 star attack. Another advantage of miners is that they can reach and take out a well defended Eagle Artillery quicker.

The video above shows miners, combined with healing spells, plus a Barbarian King and Archer Queen attacking a level 11 base and managing to score a 3 star win in under 2 minutes.

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