The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe Dreamcast cheats

level 80

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Cheat Codes

The following codes are to be entered at the main menu:-

A, X, Y, B, up, up , up, down - Acquire Armour
Left, right, A, B, right, down, X, Y - All Blessings
A, left, right, B, down, up, X, X - All Skills at Maximum
Up, X, up, X , down, B, down, B - Extra Money
A, Y, X, B, up, up, down, down - Invincibility
Left, B, Up, Y, down, X, right, A - Maximum Attributes
Left, right, Up, down, A, A, A, A - Restore Health
A, Up, B, Down, X, X, Y, Y - Stronger Attacks

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