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Cheat codes

To save Professor Birch, start at your house and then go next door. A boy or girl will be there. Go to route 111 where you will see Professor Birch. You will borrow a Pokémon (be careful which one you pick as your life will depend on it). The Professor will say, “Why don’t you go find my son or girl on route 103?”. Beat him in a battle and his Dad will give you a Pokédex. His son or girl will give you five or six balls. Then the guy that was blocking the way because he was tracing a footprint will let you through once you have the Pokédex.

Pokémon Locations

Absol - Found on Route 120

Altaria - Found at the Sky Pillar

Anorith or Lieep - Found in the desert as fossils

Azurill - Get two Azumarills and give one a Sea Incense. Put them in the Daycare Center and you will get an Azurill. If you give the Sea Incense to the male Azumarill you will get female Azurills & vice versa.

Bagon - Found in the smallest room in Meteor Falls

Banette - Found in Sky Pillar

Beldum - After defeating Steven go to his house in Mosdeep City. Read the book which will tell you to take the Pokeball. Inside you'll find a Beldum.

Castform - After saving the weather institute talk to the man blocking the doorway. He will give you a Castform.

Chimecho - Found at Mount Pye

Claydol - Found in the Sky Pillar

Corphish and Crawdaunt - Fish near Venderturf and you will battle one.

Dodrio - Found in the Safari Zone

Feebas - Found on Route 119. Feebas only appears in six tiles on the route and is very difficult to find.

Geodude - When you give Steven his mail at Dawford you get this Pokimon

Golduck - Found in the Safari Zone

Grimer - Found in the Fiery Path

Gyarados - Caught using a Super Rod whilst fishing in the water around the Gym in Sootopolis City

Heracross - Found in the Safari Zone

Illumise - Found on Route 117

Koffing - Found in the Fiery Path

Luvdisc - Use a Super Rod on Route 128 to catch this Pokimon.

Magneton - Found in New Mauville

Minun - Found on Route 110

Pikachu - Found in Safari Zone

Pinsir - Found in Safari Zone

Plusle - Found on Route 110

Relicanth - Found on the ocean floor of Routes 124 to 126

Shupet - Found on route 121

Skarmory - Found on route 113

Skitty - Found on Route 116

Slakoth - Found in Petalburg Woods

Spheal - Found in Shoal Cave

Spoink - Found in Jagged Pass

Troipus - Found on Routes 118 and 119

Volbeat - Found on Route 117

Vulpix - Found on Mount Pyre

Wailord - Found on Route 129

Xatu - Found in Safari Zone

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