007: The World is not Enough Game Boy Color cheats

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Cheat codes

Pause the game and press up, right followed by left. Then enter one of the following codes:-

Taser, Grenade, Key, Goggles - Invincibility
Goggles, Grenade, Pistol, Rifle - Invisible to enemies
Grenade, Key, Goggles, Pistol - One-hit kills
Pistol, Rifle, Taser, Grenade - Unlimited ammunition

Stage Passwords
Suitcase, Camera, Watch, Triangles In Circle - Stage 02
Camera, Triangles In Circle, Two Circles, Watch - Stage 03
Suitcase, Aim, Aim, Rectangle Chip - Stage 04
Aim, Suitcase, Camera, Suitcase - Stage 05
Rectangle Chip, Gun, Watch, Aim - Stage 06
Rectangle Chip, Triangles In Circle, Two Circles, Camera - Stage 07
Rectangle Chip, Rectangle Chip, Aim, Two Circles - Stage 08

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