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level 80

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Hey Gamers! All of you have wanted to know how to duplicate items right? Well here’s a way how! What you must have is: #1. Have the item you want to duplicate in your sixth slot of your item backpack. #2. You must have all 8 badges and have pokémon(s) who know Surf and Fly.

Now this is what you do:
1st Go to Viridian City and talk to the man that teaches you how to catch pokémon. When he asks you, “Are You In A Hurry?” say no.
2nd Let him talk to you. FREEZE! Don’t take a step away from where you are. Go to your pokémon and fly to Cinnibar Island.
3rd Go as far right on the island as you can. It doesn’t have an exact spot but anywhere on the right side of the island.
4th Select surf with your pokémon. Your pokémon should look as if it’s kind of touching the island. That’s good.
5th Now surf up and down that side of the island. You may come across some really strong pokémon. For instance. When I was doing this I came across a Lvl 136 Mewtwo, also a 157 Clefable. Tons more.
If you encounter these, RUN AWAY! Do not capture these until you have encountered Missingno! Keep on going up and down the island until you encounter Missingno.
6th you will know when Missingno is there. When you encounter it your screen will turn black for 2 seconds instead of 1 second like normal. Then a weird blurry creature will come on. It will have a Lvl of zero! Do not capture it or battle it. Just run away!
7th when you run away and you are safe in the water, look at your items. You should have 9 of your desired items. There may also be a weird symbol next to your # of items. You can only do this cheat on one item. You can’t use that Item again in this cheat. However you may use a different item. Just repeat the process 1-6. Also, you can now capture the really strong pokémon from earlier. But ignore the fact that when you find Missingno again, he will have a Lvl of 80. Just IGNORE IT! One bad fact about catching the strong Mewtwo or Clefable or something else is, when you battle with them, they will actually go down to Lvl 100 instead of rising Lvls. I would save their high levels for the Elite Four. Now i you have any questions or comments, e-mail me (My name is KC) at: kakukids@aol.com. Thanks! copyright@ 2007

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