James Bond 007: Everything or Nothing Gamecube cheats

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Cheat codes

Enter the codes below at the pause menu. You must first earn enough Platinum rankings for the codes to be active.

X, Y, A, A, X - All Weapons
X, Y, A, Y, B - Cloak
X, X, A, X, Y - Double ammunition
X, Y, Y, B, X - Double Damage
X, X, Y, B, B - Full Ammo
X, Y, Y, A, X - Full Battery
X, Y, A, X, Y - Golden Gun
X, B, B, A, X - Improved Battery
X, A, A, B, Y - Improved Traction
X, B, B, X, A - Platinum Gun
X, B, Y, A, Y - Slow Motion Driving
X, A, B, A, X - Unlimited ammunition
X, B, X, B, Y - Unlimited Battery

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