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Well I must say I’m usually pretty sceptical of sites offering free iPods. However my initial scepticism was not allayed by when I entered my (it doesn’t matter if it gets ruthlessly spammed) email address I just got a popup message with “Invalid Email Address - Unsupported Domain Specified”.

Oh well, when I read through the rules it was another one of these competitions that only applied to people based in America as well as having to be aged 16 or over.

This is just seems a little typical of me of the rather blinkered view American companies have at running competitions. There is an English speaking world outside of America - here in the UK, Canada, Australia etc etc but they just seem to forget it exists.

However I remember when I was running competitions (companies used to give the prizes for them) they sometimes used to restrict which countries could enter. Having thought this through a bit more as America uses a different power supply (110 VAC @ 60Hz), it’s beginning to make more sense.

Oh well, good luck to them - I don’t seem to be able to have a train journey these days without seeing at least a few ipodders (what is the word for an iPod user)? Personally I feel life is to be experienced in all its glory rather than stressing yourself out with constant music... people may however disagree with my opinion! I suppose in some respects my views on what I see of as luxuries - eg iPods (yes I remember a time before even Walkmans) are the dangers to technology rather than the benefits...

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