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Cheats and Tips

There are many strategies for doing well in the game Millionaire City. A few different strategies are detailed below.

When you have access to commerces (eg Pizzeria, Coffee Shop etc) the income from them (every three minutes) depends on how many tenants that are in the area they cover. So ideally they should be placed surrounded by housing. However more than one commerce building can make money out of the same tenants.

The types of housing that are suitable to boost your commerce income are ones with high numbers of tenants for example the Apartment Block (which has 20 tenants). For example just two apartment blocks (forty tenants) would lead to $1600 income every three minutes from the Pizzeria.

When you start it is best to concentrate on boosting your money by going through the missions. Gold bars gained during missions can be converted to $60,000 per a gold bar; as at the start of the game money for building new properties and buying land is more important.

Each level unlocks more items you can use, ranging from Houses, Commerces, Decorations and Wonders. Each week on Millionaire City is themed and special buildings become available during that week. For instance there was an Italian week and an Earth week. The time limited items can be identified with a clock showing how many more days they will be available for.

Minimising the amount of road you need to connect properties is also desirable as it allows you to put more housing around a commerce building. If you do have unnecessary roads (or buildings you want to demolish) you can use the Destroy tool. Bear in mind you only get a percentage back of what you paid for the building when it is demolished.

Each day you look at your Advisor’s City (in my case Cindy) you should receive a $5000 bonus. Various “Show me the rent” and “Help friends” missions involve you clicking on friend’s buildings (which include your advisor). You are rewarded with a small amount of cash and XP (experience points) for doing so.

In the higher levels you can trade your gold for automatic collection of rent. Above all have fun building your City!

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