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Hey Gamers! Here are some tips for Pokemon Stadium.

In Gym Leader castle, your first opponent is Brock. I would recommend using a mix of Water, Grass, and Psychic.

Next is Misty. I use Electric and Psychic. She is pretty tough when it comes to her STARMIE. Save a strong electric, like ZAPDOS, to handle it.

After Misty is Lieutenant Serge. He uses strong electric, like ELECTRODE and RAICHU, so I would use strong ground types and ghost types, like GENGAR and ONYX. Look out for Electrode's EXPLOSION attack!

When you defeat Serge, you open Erika. She is a part grass and part poison pokemon trainer. I highly recommend Fire and Psychic/Ghost. Her strongest is probably her VILEPLUME.

Next, is Koga. Koga is a Poison Trainer. Use tons of Psychics' and ghosts'. He uses his NIDOKING really well, so I also throw in a couple of ground types.

After Koga is Sabrina. Sabrina is a head on Psychic trainer. I would use the rare formation. For your pokemon choose: MOLTRES, ZAPDOS, ARTICUNO, CHARIZARD, VENUSAUR OR IVYSAUR, AND BLASTOISE. Beware of her ABRA, KADABRA, and ALAKAZAM.

Next is a strong fire type trainer. It's Blaine. Blaine seems like a weak old man, but he's not. Don't underestimate him. I would use ground and water pokemon, like GOLEM and BLASTOISE. Look out for his ARCANINE.

Last is the mystery trainer. I wish you good luck. From here on, you're on your Pokemon Instincts. Good Luck. For questions or comments contact me at: kakukids@aol.com.

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