#1 Slot Tip: What do you need to play Online Slots?

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#1 Slot Tip: What do you need to play Online Slots?

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This is the most basic, simple, yet hugely effective way of playing online slots. So for this, you’ll need to find a reputable online casino from https://www.casinobonusesindex.com/, there you’ll locate an unbiased casino to join without us having to sway any decision making.

There are over 50 casino reviews to read through or just select the biggest welcome bonus you can find.

Anyway, to begin this we shall give you some background facts about the casino and their machines and then this will help to understand.

The Inner Workings of the Software and Casino

So we’ll make this short and sweet as to not bore you with the technical aspects or lose you in casino jargon. When you register with a casino, automatically the management tool that tracks your games and deposit amounts, everything you do, will create a members’ profile of the games you play within the casino’s walls. So with this comes hidden caches which help you reload a game from the point you last played, or should a disconnection or technical fault happen.

With these caches, they last for 7 days inside the tool manager and are then erased. 7 days is very important to remember and we will come back to this point after we discuss the next key matter.

The casinos you find online and within the before mentioned link are fully licensed and regulated. With these terms of business for the gambling house, there is also the need to fulfil fair play. This is where game testing comes in, so to check the bugs are fixed and nothing untoward is going on. These get fixed by TST licensors usually once a month, twice if lucky, and often on a Friday.

Why Friday you ask?

Because the weekend is the busiest time for any online casino. So, from this we know games are refreshed, we know our gaming history is refreshed. It’s a clean slate.

What is a Clean History?

Slots are programmed with percentage odds or random generators which in simple terms means that if you want to win something, it's down to chance! Which means the money you bet, you could lose it.

Register with an online casino, on a Friday, deposit £20 because you’re going to play with the games default betting stake, usually £2. The chances of hitting the jackpots are all there in the game’s terms and conditions.

You look to play 10 spins of £2 stakes BUT when any “BIG WIN” or any bonus level or feature strike, stop playing that game and immediately move on to another game. Do not continue playing that same game thinking you will win big again. What’s more, you won’t play it for the next 7 days until Friday comes round again.

Each new game added in the 7 days you fast from gaming will treat you like a new member. It is that simple! 7 days, 1 rule.

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