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Cheat codes

Chrono Catastrophe
Choose Allied for both sides. Build your base as usual. Then, send a spy into your opponent's Battle Lab. You should get a Chrono Commando. Make him and a Chrono Legionnaire and find a weak spot in your opponent's defence. Chrono both of them there. If an infantry soldier then comes and attacks the Chrono Legionnaire he'll get plowed over by the Chrono Commando!

No silo cheat
When you have a few silos, it's best to keep an eye on them. If it looks like they are starting to get full, and you just can't build Mammoths fast enough, here's a way to solve it. Start building an expensive structure (eg War Factories in Command and Conquer or Chronosperes and missle silos in Red Alert) and when it finishes, cancel construction. You will get all your money back plus have more room in silos. Tip: make sure there is no action going on so you don't have to be distracted during a battle.

More Men
Build a missile silo. When the missile is ready, sell the silo and immediately launch the missile. If you were quick enough, the sale will have stopped and some troops will come out of the silo.

Faster units
When you are playing a game you can make your units go faster if you put them in formation with an APC or water transport.

Extra Range Grenadiers
In multiplayer or the regular game, play as the Soviets. Next, build a grenadier and have him force fire on the ground around him. Right before he throws it, click anywhere on the map and the grenade will sail over to that point.

Selling Tanks & Harvesters
If you want to sell your vehicles, for instance the ones you don't want or you are out of money and need a bit more then do the following. Build a Repair Facility and drive a tank or vehicle onto it. While it is on the very edge put the sell button on it and it will sell. The sell icon will be green if you catch it at the right time. My suggestion is to have the sell button ready.

Soviet level passwords
13 8T5GGDK25
14 X5CDE0KN8

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