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Review of Sacred (PC)

Sacred (PC) game cover design

   After a rather lengthy installation I got into the game. Originally it wouldn’t work, but on the third attempt after a bit of tweaking of the preferences I got it to work (albeit without sound).

   It’s an RPG set in a massive world. You view the game isometrically moving around the landscape through the use of the mouse. The game revolves around several main quests and seperate side quests to do if you have the time. If you have the money to buy one you can ride around the landscape faster on a horse. The controls were intuitive. However fighting did get a little tedious as fighting was just a case of pressing the left mouse button on your opponent to inflict damage until they were dead. It’s the usual RPG mix of weapons, levels, EXP points etc.

   I did enjoy the shadows of the characters and some of the fight sequences involving pyrotechics were semi-impressive. However (assuming you didn’t have the horse yet) - there was a lot of wandering about the landscape trying to get to places - until I figured out about the map - semi-aimlessly. Although there are side quests most of the game seems pretty linear. The game reminds me quite a bit of a graphically souped up version of Zelda but without the zany humour. The scenery varies and there are a wide variety of “baddies” - goblins, orcs etc. There are also merchants to buy items from with the gold that you find pretty much everywhere and after you defeat someone. All in all a good game that has addictive qualities - however let down by a pretty repetitive fight system.

   The enclosed map with the game was useful - and the manual was clear. There is also the option of network/internet play although I did not test this out. You control your character through the mouse and keyboard. All in all a very good worthy game but not excellent. It/s one that I would rent for a bit rather than buy (even though RPGs are usually not my cup of tea I did like this game). However I haven/t tried out the cooperative or multiplayer modes and against a human opponent the game would be more fun. The AI enemies tend to be rather predictable (and sometimes get stuck trying to get to you behind bits of the scenery). The graphics in the game are of a pretty high standard. However these days that is to be expected - they are similar to Lord of the Rings:Return of the King on the XBox. The game is age rated for those aged 12 and over.


RAM - 256 Mb
Hard drive - 2 Gb of free space
CD-ROM - 4x
Graphics card - 16Mb
Sound card - Direct X Compatible
Direct X - (included on CD)
Other - Network card for LAN multiplayer modes
Modem and internet connection for online multiplayer modes
OS - Windows 98 Second Edition, Windows Millenium Edition, Windows 2000, Windows XP
Notes - Some non-standard notebook/laptop chipsets may be incompatible

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