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SimCity 4 Cheats

Press Ctrl + X during gameplay and you will bring up the console. Now enter a code below in bold and press enter:

hellomynameis (mayorname) - Change the mayor name to a name you supply.  Replace the bracketed entry with your entry.
you don't deserve it - Get all rewards free.
sizeof (1-100) - Make magnification 1-100. Replace the bracketed entry with your entry of 1-100
stopwatch - Stop/start the clock.
whatimeizit (time) - Set the time of the day. Follow with a space and the time you wish to set. Replace the bracketed entry with your time entry.
whererufrom (cityname) - Change city name follow with new name you want to apply. Replace the bracketed entry with your entry.
zoneria - Remove zone colours
weaknesspays - Get one thousand added to treasury.
fightthepower - No power requirements for buildings.
zoneria - Empty zone color hidden.
tastyzots - Toggles zots.
howdryiam - Water requirements for buildings removed.
Zoneria - ?
DollyLlama - Causes all the advisor's heads to swap to llama heads.
Barstuck - ?
WatchMeMove- ?
FPS (number) - ?
RP - ?
Flora - ?
RenderProp - ?
TerrainQuery - ?
RenderProp- ?
Effect - ?
GOL - ? (Green plasma effect on map)
Recorder - Start recorder.

Entering invalid cheat codes will make the console and text remain indifferent, whereas entering a valid cheat code will close the console.

All God options when you are mayor
When you are in the mayor mode, you can't use all of the God options. If you want to use them, press Ctrl + Alt + Shift at the same time. While still holding them, click with your left mouse button on God options. Now you will have all of them.

Faster Money
Type weaknesspays but before you press enter, press and hold Shift. This will keep the cheat box open. After pressing enter, press the up arrow on your keyboard which will bring up the previous code (weaknesspays). Repeat to your heart's desire.

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