The Sims 3 PC cheats

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Cheat Codes

During the game, hold down Control, Shift and C on the keyboard to bring console up. Enter one of the codes below for the desired effect.

Code Effect
fullscreen on/off Adjusts the game screen to full or windowed mode
constrainFloorElevation [true/false] All terrain adjustments allowable regardless of objects, Sims and other structures on them. Walls, floors, and objects will move with the terrain.
enableLlamas [on/off] Just a message that is "Llamas enabled."
jokePlease A joke is displayed the code console prompt
hideHeadlineEffects [on/off] All meters and effects in the game are hidden, such as the plumbbob and skill meter.
quit Quits the game
help Lists all available commands
slowMotionViz Slow motion with an optional parameter, zero is normal speed and eight is the slowest.
resetSim Reset the named Sim with neutral motives, no moodlets and teleports Sim back home.
fps on/off Shows your FPS figure in the upper right area while on
fadeObjects [on/off] Toggles whether objects fade when the camera gets close to them
testingcheatsenabled true Turns on Testing Cheats, just shift+click a Sim, or anything else, like your Mailbox.
unlockOutfits on/off Unlock outfits in CAS (Create a Sim) mode. You must enable this before going into CAS.
disableSnappingToSlotsOnAlt [on/off] When used, objects won't snap to slots while holding Alt.
kaching On the lot, entering this will give you $1,000.
motherlode On the lot, entering this will give you $50,000.
moveobjects on/off Move anything, including Sims, in your Buy/Build mode.
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