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Cheat codes

To use these codes, press Enter while playing, type in the desired code, then press Enter again:

pepperoni pizza - 1,000 food
coinage - 1,000 gold
woodstock - 1,000 wood
quarry - 1,000 stone
bigdaddy - car with missile launcher
e=mc2 trooper - nuclear missiles
photon man - laser
reveal map - reveals map but not fog
no fog - fog disappears
icbm - enhances balistas and helopies
jack be nimble - catapults throw villagers and cows
diediedie - all opponents die
gaia - control animals not people
hoyohoyo - enhance priest
home run - wins scenario
killx - terminates player x yourself, or to eliminate player 2 enter kill2 and so on
big bertha - heavy catapults that have greater range and damage
black rider - transforms horse archer into black rider wich has 60 hit points and an attack of 8
dark rain - transforms composite bowmen into stealth bowmen
flying dutchman - turns juggernaughts into flying dutchmen
control c - scrolls through credits
steroids - all units, buildings, and people upgrades in a blink - however this works for the computer too.

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