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Cheat codes

You must first open up the console window, then go into the Game Options screen. Then at any point during gameplay press Enter + ~ then enter any of the codes listed on this page.

Wuss - All weapons
fps - Change frame rate
cg_cameradist-45 - First person view
give_blunderbuss.tik - Get the Spawn Blunderbuss
give_cards.tik - Get the Spawn Cards
give_demondice.tik - Get the Spawn Demon Dice
give_eyestaff.tik - Get the Spawn Eyestaff
give_icewand.tik - Get the Spawn Icewand
give_jackbomb.tik - Get the Spawn Jackbomb
give_jacks.tik - Get the Spawn Jacks
give_knife.tik - Get Get the Spawn Knife
give_mallet.tik - Get the Spawn Mallet
give_ragebox.tik - Get the Spawn Rage Box
give_watch.tik - Get the Spawn Watch
god - God mode
give all - Infinite ammo & weapons
noclip - No clipping mode
Notarget - Invisibility
health# - health (to number specified in #)

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