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Cheat codes

Unlimited Money
Enter the name JIMMY RULES for unlimited money.

Control England Team
At the team select screen, pick any team. Now click on any English player on the team and click on English.

Free Players
When you find a player that you want, start a second team which has enough money to buy him for example Arsenal or Manchester United. Now place an offer of nothing for him, from the team you want to buy him for. With the second club place an offer for the amount that the club want for him. When this is done, go to Adjust Offer with the same team and near the top left corner, there will be a little arrow. Click it and your team name should appear, click your team name and you can decide whether to accept the first offer or not. Don`t forget to withdraw the second offer.

International Managers
To become an international manager type in your name and pick your nationality. Choose a side from the league of your country you wish to control and select a team. Pick any player from the team that is of the required nationality. This brings up the national team list.

Free Transfers
Go to the player you want to buy, bid No Fee, add another manager, choose a team, bid for player, and go to Change Transfer Offer. Now click on the arrow in the top-left corner of the screen and select the original team, then go to Accept, then withdraw the transfer offer from the second team.

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