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Free items

Players can receive free items in addition to clothing during events.

* New pins appear every two weeks and are visible in the top left-hand corner of a player card for those who find and use them.
* Participate in treasure (scavenger) hunts, such as searching for Lighthouse lights or recovering the band's lost instruments; these activities resulted in free player card backgrounds, with the exception of the egg hunt, where the reward was a blue bunny.
* The Penguin Times newspaper sometimes offers polls or fund-raisers for items. During the "Save the Lighthouse" event, players had the option to donate 750 coins to receive a free T-Shirt, and during the color spill, where players got to vote whether to have lavender or lime green as a new color.
* Another example is the Christmas Tree: after selecting a decoration, a player would receive the Tree pin.
* Another example is the Carnival Tent: you could buy it at the prize booth only at the Fall Fairs.
* Rockhopper provides a free item of clothing each time he arrives, such as a bandana, pirate shoes, an eye patch or a pirate belt.

He also brought back the 2nd non-member puffle, the red puffle, from his island.

* Players who pass the Secret Agent test receive a free Spy Phone and are able to participate in secret missions, which provide more free items like medals and letters. Currently, there are 4 missions. There is one coming up in November.
* Successful Tour Guide applicants get a free hat to identify them.
* In the April Fools Party of 2007, the free items were a blue propeller hat and novelty glasses.
* During the Spring 2007 Easter Egg Hunt, players who collected all hidden eggs were rewarded with blue bunny ears.
* The Easter party of 2006 was the same except a pink bunny hat was the reward.
* The Summer party involved a free inflatable duck which can also make you swim in the water.
* The water party offered a free mining hat to pretend to help fix the flooding.
* The Fall Fair they offered many free items but gained them by playing certain games and winning tickets, then you could exchange them for the following prizes: a background, a pin, cotton candy and a featherd tiara. Later they added a candy necklace, a ping-pong bat and secretly, if you get all the items you could get a lollipop.
* For Halloween 2007 there was a candy hunt; players who found all the candy would get an orange and black scarf.

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