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Cheat codes

Make a new driver profile and use one of the following words for the name. You can use anything for the tag.

greatnews - Get all tracks
allthebuttons - Get all cars
minime - Get Mini Cooper S car
evilevo - Get Mitsubishi Lancer Alternatives
letmewin - Get all options
morrismode - Escort MK1 Car
gofasterstripes - Fast cars
garywildass - Get Ford Puma car
nuttynets - Aggressive cars
mimime - Get Mini Cooper S car
wavyourlefts - Reversed tracks
wheelybig - Large tyres
boingboingboing - Bounce mode
shinybuttons - Shining cars
bouncybouncybouncy - Low gravity
curryforme - Turbo
eatthis - Use handbrake button to shoot fireball

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