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Cheat codes

Hex Cheat
Go to the file \DATA\svrcfg_skirmish.ini and edit the values here to change the skirmish rules.

Dealing With Mutants
When you come up against the tiberium mutated monsters, use either a laser-based weapon or the flame thrower - shooting them with tiberium guns like the chem sprayer only heals them.

Various Cheats
During play press ~ to get the console, then put in one of the below cheats:-

extras fnkqrrm - Extras cheat
admin_message (message) - Host can send admin message
message (message) - Host can send message to clients
display fps - Toggle framerate
game_info - Game info
gameover - Host can end current game
kick - User kicked and banned (WOL server only)

5 New Skins And 2 New Cars
While in a non-laddered server, open the console with the ~ key, and type in fnkqrrm followed by enter. Then, while holding the alt key, approach and hit the use key on a purchase terminal (this may require two hands) whilst still holding the alt key. Then select characters of vehicles. You should now see the new skins. Double click on the one you want, and you will have just bought yourself your first hidden skin. Now you may release the alt key and exit. To buy further skins, just repeat the alt key holding process. You don't need to type in the code the second time.

How to see your ping and FPS
To see your ping and FPS press the ~ key. Now in the top left corner it should show Command>. Type FPS followed by enter. However be warned that you can't move your person while Command> is showing. Press Esc to close it.

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