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Cheat codes

Retrieve items after death:
Save and exit the game after dying. Restart the game and your corpse will be in town, allowing you to retrieve your possessions.

Duplicating items, money, weapons, etc
This cheat will only work if you're in a multiplayer game. Give the items you want to duplicate to another player. Then turn off your computer or lose your conection. Do not save. When you get back into the game you were in, you will have your items back and so will the other player. This works well for getting more gems.

Duplicating Characters
Go into your Diablo directory and enter the save file. Find all the files with your character's name on them and copy them to your desktop. Then rename them to a different name but leave the filename extension. After you rename all the files move them back to your save directory and you will have a character just like your other one.

Secret Cow level
In order to find the Secret Cow level, you need the following:

Wirt's Leg
Tome of Town Portal (with scrolls)
The Horadric Cube

Once you have beaten the game, go to the Rogue Encampment in Act I. Then put Wirt's Leg and the Tome of Town Portal into The Horadric Cube. Once you hit Transmute they should disappear, but when you close your inventory window a red portal will appear that will lead you to the Secret Cow level. Note: this will only work in the Rogue Encampment in Act I.

Before selling an item, repair it. This will increase its value. Always have several Town of Portal spells ready. These portals can provide a quick escape if things go wrong and there's no other way out. You can use the waypoints to move between the different acts. This is helpful if you want to go back and buy an item or get something repaired.

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