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Cheat codes

Bonus Quests and Character Class
The following code requires the latest version of Diablo: Hellfire. It will not work on the original version. To access some secret Easter eggs in Hellfire, create a text file called command.txt and place it in your Hellfire directory. Next, place the following line in command.txt:


This enables LAN and modem games, two new quests (Cow Quest and Theo Quest) and two new character classes. The Bard (one of the new character classes) reuses the Rogue's art but can wield two weapons at once. They have the Identify spell as their natural ability.

Transfer Characters from Diablo
To transfer your characters from Diablo to Hellfire, find your save file and change the extension to .HSV. For example, if your file is called RASSILON.SV then rename it to RASSILON.HSV.

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