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Q. I'm stuck at the inn with nothing to show for it. It seems I need a ladder type something (outside inn to the left & behind) to climb into the loft.

A. At the start only two rooms in the inn are accessible. I presume you've already talked to the people there though.

Q. I need matches (inside inn, storage room, downstairs across from hostess) for the candle. I also need the key for the drawer in the cabinet that is in the main room of inn.

A. If you go downstairs and talk to the old woman about the bridge she'll give you the key you need.

Q. I can't get past the bridge nor into the cabin.

A. To get across the bridge you need to go to the edge, then use the bar on the chains.

Q. There is a well that needs something but I'm too stupid to find it. Any help?

A. If you go to the well in the close-up view you then use the well key found on Iorga's body to open it.

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