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Various cheats

Making a unit move quicker
This one is fairly easy - units that you can see on the viewing screen move faster than the ones that you can not. The difference is significant enough to shake a trike out of a quad's tail.

Making an enemy harvester stand still
For this one you will have to sacrifice one soldier or trooper. Find the whereabouts of the enemy harvester, take one soldier and tell it to attack it. Once the harvester takes one shot, it will try to take the poor soldier out by squashing him. When this harvester starts to chase him around just keep moving. Eventually it will crush him and a very weird thing happens - it stops still, and never moves again; unless he gets hit by another soldier. Note - don't destroy it - the free replacement for this harvester will function normally.

Tricks with game speed
On the slowest game speed rocket launchers have the best accuracy and can shoot a target next to them. On the highest game speed Sonic tanks have medium firing rate and the longest range. If you are playing Ordos and are using a Deviator tank, set the game speed on highest and then just before the shot occurs set it on slowest. The Deviator should shoot about three to five rockets at once. Also if you're using Ordos - a deviated unit stays under your control for a longer peroid of time if game speed is set on highest.

Spice machinations
To get some free spice fill a harvester with spice to full capacity. It must be one hundred percent. Move it over the clear area of sand and destroy it. A huge spot of spice will be formed in its place. Wait for a replacement or buy a new harvester and send it over to collect spice on that spot. The amount of money collected on that spot will be worth around one thousand eight hundred credits - six hundred (the cost of a new harvester) - seven hundred (the spice that was inside the harvester) = five hundred credits without losing any spice. This is especially useful on a level with small spice amounts.

House weapons tips
Harkonen Devastator - this one is better as a tank than a remote mine. Each of his shots has 85% of the power of a missile and is more accurate. It does much more carnage when detonated, then when it is killed.

Harkonen Death Hand
This weapon is super destructive and super inaccurate. Before you shoot this one save the game. Then shoot the missile and if it wasn't a nice hit, reload and shoot again.

Ordos Deviator
It can brainwash any unit and place it under your control. However, once this unit gets shot once or a certain amount of time passes it goes back to normal. There is a way around it. Once a unit gets deviated, send it to a place where it is likely to get shot by its own units. While it's going click on the task you want it to perform (usually attack) but don't assign it to it yet. Wait for the unit to get back to normal and then assign it. The ideal task is to send it to attack its own base. It is going to obey that last command you gave him and shoot at the building you assigned but it is no longer your color and no defensive systems will shoot at it.

Ordos Sabouteur
Try using this guy for taking out rocket launchers and turrets.

Atredies Sonic Tank
A sonic pulse passes right through its target so it can be used against a series of targets. If you are able to capture the enemy Heavy Factory and build your own Sonic Tank, it will not be able to inflict any damage on another Sonic Tank.

They can do some damage to an enemy base but don't rely on them - they are stupid.

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