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Cheat codes

Various Cheats
Press enter followed by + to activate the cheat or - to deactivate the cheat followed by one of the codes below. For example +zool.

sixdemonbag - One hundred and fifty demons
checksinthemail - Get 999,999 gold
chunkey - Always chunky
maxjooky - Huge character
superchunky - Chunk factor
shootall - Clicks not required
version - Show game version
mouse - Mouse on
rings - Selection rings on
zool - Invincible
drdeath - Maximum damage
movie - Movie
loefervision - Fog of war disappears
xrayvision - Textures gone
minjooky - Tiny character
faertehbadgar - All badger weapons, armour and items
sniper - One hundred metre range for all bows
potionaholic - Three super mana and three super health
resizelabels - Larger labels overhead

Remove Graphics
During gameplay press enter then -gui . Use +gui to restore.

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