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Cheat codes

Pause the game, then enter the cheats slowly. Please note these cheats work on the North American version of the game - not the European.

ITSAWONDERFUL - Gives you an extra life
BLOATED - Alters Jim's Appearance
FESTERING - Alters Jim's Appearance
SWEATY - Alters Jim's Appearance
PUSFILLED - Alters Jim's Appearance
HATMAN - Turns Jim into Hatman, just like Pitfall
ONANDONANDON - Maximum number of game continues
POPQUIZHOTSHOT - Gives you 1,000 bullets
SLAUTHERHOUSE - Access the first five levels of the game
JUSTWHATYOUSEEPAL - Nine big plasma gunshots
APOLLO13 - Max Rockets
PULSATING - Alters Jim's appearance
MALFORMED - Alters Jim's appearance
SLUGFORABUTT - Alters Jim's appearance

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