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Cheat codes

For the following cheats, press Enter, type the cheat, then press Enter again.

all your base are belong to us - 100,000 of each resource
boston food sucks - 1,000 food
atm - 1,000 gold
creatine - 1,000 iron
rock&roll - 1,000 rock
you said wood - 1,000 wood
display cheat - All cheats on
coffee train - Building of all structures completed
my name is methos - Full map
asus drivers - Full map
brainstorm - Instant building & research
ahhhcool - Lose game
friendly skies - Planes refuelled in mid air
headshot - Remove objects from map
i have the power - Restore energy
bam - Reveal map & remove war fog
the quotable patella - Upgrade all units to level 10
columbus - View fish & animals
somebody set up us the bomb - Win game

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