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Empire Universe 2 Mining Guide

Copper asteroid

Before you research the colonization of other planets, you often encounter resource shortages on your home planet, whether for buildings or for ships. Mining is a way to add to supplement your mined resources.

In order to mine you need these three things:-

1) A suitable asteroid
2) A ship with the Mining Laser Prototype
3) The relevant technologies already researched
4) Enough hydrogen fuel to get to the asteroid and return

The first is easy enough to do. Build some probes and explore nearby systems, asteroids are marked on the starsystem as Asteroiden. If you click on the asteroid you will be told what resources it has and the approximate quantities (eg very few, few, many etc).

The second requires you to have researched the asteroid fields technology in your Research Centre in order to be able to add a Mining Laser prototype to one of your ships. This takes up three slots but comes with 1,500 of cargo space.

Extra cargo space is also useful, to save having to make more frequent trips to and from asteroids. The Transport facilities in space technology releases the small Cargo (an extra 25,000 space) and the Increased Load Volume an extra 50,000 cargo space.

You'll also need to have researched a ship chassis big enough to take the Mining Laser, engine and preferably some cargo space. You'll need an engine capable of warp as there are unlikely to be any asteroids in your home system.


Lancer DX-1 engine, Mining Laser Prototype and Small cargo
Cutter DX-1 engine, Mining Laser Prototype and 2 Small Cargo
Corvette DX-2 engine, Mining Laser Prototype, Medium Cargo
Frigate DX-2 engine, Mining Laser Prototype, Small Cargo, Medium Cargo

Make sure you build enough Hydrogen mines to keep your fleet going as you rarely find an asteroid with Hydrogen in it. Once you have your mining ship built, assign it a commander, send it to an asteroid, then click on collect and choose how long you want it to mine for. When you're finished, send it back to your home planet and click on Cargo to unload what you've mined. Remember to refuel your ship!

Good luck mining.

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