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Cheat codes

Developer mode
Start the game with the -DEVMODE command line parameter. Then, press one of the following function keys (usually found at the top of your keyboard) during gameplay to activate the corresponding cheat function. Note: when in developer mode all levels will also be unlocked.

Effect - Key
Spawn point - [F3]
All weapons - P
999 ammunition - O
Toggle no clipping - [F4]
Move to next checkpoint - [F2]
Save current position - [F9]
Load current position - [F10]
Toggle extra information - [F11]
Toggle first and third person view - [F1]
Toggle God mode - [Backspace]
Increase speed - [Equals]
Decrease speed - [Minus]
Return to Default speed - [F5]

Submitted by Steve Scotland - 10 June 2004 15:33

Console commands
Press the '~' key to bring up the console and enter one of the following:

Code Effect
\map archive - archive level
\map boat - boat level
\map bunker - bunker level
\map carrier - carrier level
\map catacombs - catacombs level
\map control - control level
\map cooler - cooler level
\map dam - dam level
\map factory - factory level
\map fort - fort level
\map pier - pier level
\load_game name - quick load
\save_game name - quick save
\map rebellion - rebellion level
\map regulator - regulator level
\map research - research level
\map river - river level
\map steam - steam level
\map swamp - swamp level
\map training - training level
\map treehouse - treehouse level
\map volcano - volcano level

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