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Cheat codes

Press C, type marvin', press C again followed by F2 to bring up the console. Enter one of the codes below in the console window.

Code Effect

INSERT GOLD 1,000 gold for a hundred exp
HERO IMPORT [NAME] Replaces character with loaded stored character.
SET PERMATTITUDE [ATTITUDE] Changes permanent attitude of the character in focus (e.g. friendly, hostile, neutrally, angry)
cheat god Enable/Disable god mode
INSERT FH FaceHelper (possess to use)
first person First person
Cheat Full Heal
Kill Kill enemy focused upon
ITWR_MAP_NEWWORLD Land Map of Khorinis
ZHIGHQUALITYRENDER High quality rendering
insert itar_pal_skel Make Old Knight's Armor appear
SET MODELFATNESS [WERT] Makes the character thinner or thicker
EDIT CAMERA Menu to change camera values
EDIT ABILITIES Menu to change character's characteristics
EDIT SPECIES Menu to change species dependent constants
EDIT AI Behaviour AI menu
EDIT COMBAT Combat system menu
HERO EXPORT [NAME] Saves character in file "piranha bytes\gothic\saves\name.zen\"
ZFOGZONE Nearly infinite vision range
Set Time TT:TT Sets game time to TT:TT
toggle time Toggles game time on/off
Go to a waypoint Fire Warp to a torch above the 'landowners' farm
Go to a waypoint Wolf Warp to Harbor
Goto Waypoint Sheep Warp to the area near Pepe and his sheep
Goto Waypoint Lighthouse Warp to the Lighthouse near Khorinis, just out in front
Go to a waypoint Xardas Warp to Xardas Tower

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