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Q. When I'm playing the game it keeps stuttering - what's happening?
A. This is called lag. It's happens when everyones' computers have high pings. The computers are all working hard to get information from the server, so it's either best to find a game where lots of people have low ping or keep playing and it might get better!

Q. I'm playing a game and suddenly it goes back to the title screen but it's blank!
A. You have been kicked for some reason or another so just press "esc" and pick another game.

Q. When I click on some rooms it says enter password what's that?
A. That is a locked room which is private, so just pick another game.

Q. How do you buy weapons?
A. Press the default key "B".

Q. Sometimes when I connect to a game it says downloading map Vertigo.cs or whatever. What's this?
A. This a map which you do not have. Sometimes they bring out maps and if you want you can download it. It might take thirty minutes or so though but it will stay on your computer for the future.

Here are the maps you get when you have Counterstrike:

Q. What does filter mean?
A. You can use this to filter out your favourite map.

Q. When I use filter it doesn't work why?
A. This might be because you have spelt the map wrong or you have set it up incorrectly.

Q. What is punkbuster (PB)?
A. Punkbuster is a programme designed to kick out cheaters.

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