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Is your team losing? Feeling as though you're letting your team mates down? Are you getting mad? Here is a good guide to getting better at the game.

Headshots do count - you can die instantly! So jump around a lot and people find it hard to hit you. They will then call you a bunny hopper! Configure the controls so that the jump button is easy to get to, and they won't be able to hit you in the head so easily. Sometimes a hat helps. Also when shooting at someone with a machine gun aim for the throat and the recoil of the gun will bring you up to the head!

Some people hate Bunny Hoppers but it's rare because every one does it! So dont' worry, but in rare cases you could get kicked for it.

It depends what stage you are playing on but use different weapons for different stages.

Sniper On The Roof
When using the sniper rifle get into a good position eg on the roof, and aim very carefully. You get good people who move about a lot, and stupid pepole who stay still. The MAGMUM sniper rifle is the best sniper rifle. It kills nearly instantly but it's expensive so you might like a different one!

I'm pathetic with grenades. They go where I don't want them to go! But you could be good with them.

Ducking is a good idea. Sometimes it's quiet and you can get behind scenery.

Shoot the head
Don't just expose your head, because other people can get a head shot on you! So watch out!

Work as a team
It is a good idea so do it. You will do so much better going in with teammates with all of you going in together.

The rhino tecnique is sometimes good, running straight at your enemy full fire and jumping. You have to be a good aimer and sometimes it doesn't work, sometimes it does!

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