Heroes of Might and Magic 3 PC cheats

level 80

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Cheat codes

Press TAB and input the following codes:

nwconlyamodel - Build all buildings in your castle
nwcsirrobin - Immediate failure
nwctrojanrabbit - Immediate success
nwcavertingoureyes - Hero gains extra thirty five archangels
nwcantioch - Hero gains tent, ballista and ammunition
nwcigotbetter - Hero gains one extra level
nwccastleanthrax - Hero gains highest luck
nwccoconuts - Hero gains unlimited move points
nwcmuchrejoicing - Hero gains top morale
nwcalreadygotone - See the full revealed secret item map
nwcgeneraldirection - See the full map
nwcshrubbery - All source increased
nwctim - Hero gains all magic and 999 spell points
nwcfleshwound - Hero gets Death Knights
nwcphisherprice - Bright Colors
nwcagents - Get 10 knights for all blank slots
nwclotsofguns - Get all war machines
nwcneo - Gain one level
nwctrinity - Fill empty slots with five Archangels
nwcfollowthewhiterabbit - Max out luck
nwcnebuchadnezzer - Movement unlimited
nwcmorpheous - Max out morale
nwcoracle - Show puzzle map
nwcwhatsthematrix - Show World map
nwcbluepill - Instant Loss of game
nwcredpill - Instant win of game
nwctheconstruct - Get 100,000 gold and 100 of every resource
nwczion - Get all buildings
nwcphisherprice - Weird colour scheme
nwcthereisnospoon - Get 999 Mana and all spells

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